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- Why?

We like flags. We like girls. What else do you need to know?

- No, really, why?

Wow, don't be so annoying. We started out playing a game on Facebook that had you try to identify the flags of various countries as quickly as possible. Being total flag-noobs, we found that mnemonics only went so far. Finding pictures of girls with their country's flag helped us remember so much better, and before you know it, a website was born.

- Seriously?

Ok, go away already.

-What countries did you choose?

We've gone with the list of Olympics participants for our countries section. We're open to suggestions for new countries.

-What are the criteria for submitting an image?

We're currently a mostly PG-13 (SFW) website. Please don't submit anything you wouldn't show your grandma. Or my grandma, you freaks. The only other rule is that there must be a flag of some sort in the picture. We don't care too much if the flag is tiny and in the background, or if it's a tattoo of a flag, or even a midget shaped like a flag. A picture of a girl wearing green won't qualify for a Libyan image, though. In general, we're gonna go with whatever is common in that country (the Swiss seem to love their facepaint, the Americans seem to love their bikinis, and the Brazilians love to show their breasts.. go figure).

Our team of trained monkeys will moderate your image as quickly as possible, between banana breaks. It also can't be above 300k. Resize your own damn images. Also note that submitting an image gives us rights to use that image however we want. Like by mailing a picture of you to all your friends and family and coworkers and future prospective employers. Think twice about submitting that image of you with the goat and the flag of Schtuppestan.

-Hey, that's me on your website! Take my picture down, I'm ugly!

Cool! Actually, we work really hard at getting images that are are owned by the submitters. We cannot control what images people choose to upload, and we can't hunt down the sources of the images we get. If you see something that you don't like, or that is trademarked or copyrighted, and you want it taken down, simply contact us and we'll remove it ASAP.

How does the navigation work?

There are 3 navigation modes. You can either view the images "In Order", by country, or Randomly. Select the option you want (right under the 1-5) and simply rate images to go to the next image. You can also just click on the image if you're afraid of committing to a rating. We won't tell your girlfriend. If you come across an image you've already voted on, your vote will be shown (only one vote per 24 hours). If you've seen all the images for a given grouping (typically for a country where only a few images have been submitted), you'll just loop around and see the same images again.

How should I rate these images?

However you want. 5 is the best, 1 is the worst. Rate them by how much you want to marry the girl. Rate them by how much the picture makes you laugh. Rate them by the country's team spirit. Who are we to tell you why you should like an image? If you like it, rate it good. If you don't, rate it bad! You may only vote on an image once per IP address per day (but feel free to pay your friends to vote for your ugly mug).

I just submitted an image, but it isn't showing up. Why?

Images take some time to be moderated and approved. As much as we know you'd like to look at tubgirl, 2girls1cup, meatspin and goatse (lord knows we love it), we figured that the snuff porn police would be on our asses if we showed that kind of stuff. Images also require at least one vote to show up on the country pages. This is to give you monkeys a chance to rate down the images before they show up as number #1 for an obscure country like America.

Why is part of my IP address in the URL?

IP addresses are included to prevent mass voting scripts (as well as robots or crawlers like google from inadvertently voting pretty girls down or the uggs up). It's also so you can paste the URL to your buddies without it voting on the last image you looked at FOR them. They'll have to do their own damn voting. Basically, don't worry about it. Feel free to paste the URL to whomever you want without it voting like your own overly critical ass did, or just paste the "link" link in the left info box under the girl's name.

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